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Top Tips for Brides

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Either you've said, 'I do', or your partner has, and now you're looking to start planning potentially one of the biggest experiences of your life! How exciting...and daunting at the same time.  

To help you make the planning, preparation and actual day be as stress-free as possible, read on for our tantalising tips! 

Planning and Preparation:  

  • What kind of wedding would you like? A simple question but one that needs an answer before you can even begin. Are you looking for a huge celebration with all your families, friends, colleagues, and neighbours? Or more intimate with only those you cherish most? The answer to this will help shape your budget and the size of wedding venue you look at.  

  • Your bridal outfit - big and puffy or slimline and simple? There are so many wedding dress options to choose from so make sure you try lots of different styles on! Take a trusted family member and/or friend to give honest feedback. Try different shaped dresses to see what will flatter and enhance your shape and don't feel pressured to decide if you're not completely happy. Remember, wedding days are usually very l-o-n-g so make sure you'll be comfortable. Some brides opt for a second dress or outfit for the evening reception for that added wow factor! Trouser suits and two-piece options are also available if a dress isn't your cup of tea. Traditional or trendy - it's up to you! Just think, you're likely to be showing off your wedding pictures for years to come! You will know when it's time to say 'YES' to the dress!  

  • Make sure you break your wedding shoes in before the big day, wear them around the house a few times to ensure they mould to your feet and are comfortable. If you don't, you could find they start pinching your toes and rubbing your heels before you even say 'I do'!  

  • If you are planning to have your hair and makeup done, make sure you have a trial run. Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a new makeup look, so choose a style you are happy with. Look at natural colours that will compliment your dress, unless wild and wacky is the look you're going for! 

  • Food - whether you are going for a full wedding breakfast or a simple hot buffet, remember this is your special day. Choose food that you and your partner like, or even better love. You won't be able to please all of your guests, so don't try to.  

  • Photos paint a thousand words, so make sure you meet up with your photographer well in advance to the wedding day. Be clear on any specific shots you would like taken, and any that you don't! This will enable the photographer to take control of the organising on the day, as you'll be busy being the centre of attention. If you are planning outdoor photos, make sure you have a contingency plan should the heavens open.  

  • Personalise your wedding day to you and your partner. Remember it is your big day, and the more it portrays you, the more fun and enjoyable it will be.  

  • Talking of the heaven's opening, have some large golf umbrella's on standby on the day, they are also great to shelter from the blistering sunshine. This is an ideal job to delegate to your ushers or best man.  

  • Task someone you trust to be on hand to coordinate the wedding reception set up at the venue on the day. To accept the floral displays, the cake, the balloons, decorations, and chair covers. If you're celebrating with us here at the Town Hall, our Wedding Coordinator can take care of this for you.  

  • Take some time off before the big day, ideally the week before. No doubt there will be lots to do ahead of your nuptials but the last thing you want is to feel exhausted. If you can, why not book in a pamper session with a relaxing massage to ensure a state of calm! 

The Big Day 

  • The run up to a wedding usually involves the bride going on a diet, however, when it comes to your big day start with a hearty breakfast. You will more than likely be too busy having hair and makeup done to eat before dressing for the ceremony. A hearty breakfast will keep you going through to your wedding breakfast and ensure you don't feel faint during the ceremony. 

  • Don't underestimate on how long it will take wedding parties to get ready. Ensure you have plenty of time, so you are not rushing to get into your dress and to the ceremony. It is better to be able to relax with a glass of bubbly than be late.  

  • Music - not only for your ceremony but for your bridal party while getting ready. A good playlist can set the tone for the day and help everyone relax.  

  • Take your time walking down the aisle. You want to savour every moment of the day, that goes by far too quickly. While walking down the aisle take time to take in the sight of your partner waiting for you. Look around at your guests and loved ones, all who have taken time out to celebrate your special day. 

  • Even with precision planning there is always the chance of something cropping up on the day. Our advice is don't panic and relax, if you have a wedding planner/coordinator they will take control. If coordinating yourself, remember that your guests won't know your plans and will be none the wiser! Concentrate on the fact you are marrying the love of your life.   

  • Let those delivering speeches have guidelines on dos and don'ts for them! This will stop you and your partner feeling anxious on what is to come.  

  • You may have broken your wedding shoes in, but it is always a good idea to have a pair of flat and comfortable shoes available for later in the day. That way if you want to dance the night away with your spouse and guests you can.  

  • Don't feel pressurised into having a choreographed first dance, if it isn't your thing then maybe consider asking the bridal/groom parties to join you. Alternatively, if it is for you and your partner make it suit your personalities and have fun!  

  • This tip is a bit controversial...put your phone away! On your big day your DMs, social channels and calls will be inundated with well-wishers, and you don't need to be distracted from enjoying the day. You can catch up later alongside your partner. Beside your photographer, there will be plenty of your guests who will be capturing your day, so there is no need to take your own photos.  

  • Remember to spend time together with your new spouse, enjoy the beginning of the rest of your life!  

Our Wedding Coordinator is on hand to help guide you through your wedding planning journey when celebrating at the Town Hall, Great Yarmouth. Whether you're looking for a simple ceremony, an evening reception or to celebrate your whole day, we're here to help.  

Look through our Wedding Brochure, message us with a specific enquiry using our Contact page or arrange a viewing to be wowed by the elegance of our Grade II listed venue.

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